For optimal service Fastcell has Inserted in a FAQ Dedicated to customer A series of tips Based on the questions posed by Members in general. To Own in a serious way, safely and smoothly! 

Order acceptance 

Why is my order not COMES accepted? 
The Order CAN NOT be accepted IF Ordained not available material. The Goods ordered not COMES Putting aside whether the order and do not completely acceptable; IF The Goods Fully available just wait, and your Verra order accepted. 

Once I comes helpings order of the United Nations, How long do you Pay for a layout? 
The Goods IS aside for seven days held at the limit of what the Order will be deemed null and void without prior notice by Tibur Computer Center. Payment orders with Shipping Bank transfer Report In the reason the order number You're paying. After getting done a bank transfer, you can report it using the appropriate procedure What you'll find on the site the Orders section, when performed with the acces to your account. In case of problems with this procedure, however, YOU CAN SEND A Screenshot of the payment, or a scan of the receipt, by e-mail

Credit card 

You CAN make payment Starting link from the e-mail Equipped with the Order acceptance notification. And not needed Communicate the payment of staff at; The package will be immediately sent to the destination specified in Your profile At the moment of the Order Formulation. 


Where Can I Change The destination for the delivery of my order? 
To specify a DESTINATION Where You Want Let Thy shipped orders, SUFFICIENT Go in Your Profile cate set the Desired Address In the "Shipping". Note: The New DESTINATION not will be applied Under the orders already made. 

Come I make a Knowing WHEN you ship my order? 
We proceed to the effective delivery of the Order, that is, on delivery to the carrier, within a very short time from the receipt of the payment notification. On average how long it MAY be used to get me The Goods? The time needed for delivery varies from courier courier. For information on the couriers we rely on, see the section Shipping and Returns.

How much is the home delivery of the goods ? 
The cost of delivery varies by carrier . At the time of placing an order , you can choose which you want to rely courier between our partners , and display at the same time how much you will cost the shipment with each of the carriers . Consignments which also include cabinets , monitors, and printers are subject to an increase in the cost of shipping , as if it were more orders . 

Accepted Payments:
PayPal, PostePay, Wire Bank, Cash on Delivery