Fastcell : not only an E - Commerce but great passion !

In 2008 he was born in Marcellina ( CS ) as a Technical Assistance Centre Multi -Brand for mobile phones and devices such as Smartphone or Tablet maintaining a focus not only on sales but also on the mend thanks to a specialized team . In 2009 FastCell started business e- commerce with the desire to achieve a breakthrough in the vast landscape of the online shop focusing on service quality , technological innovation , the great professionalism and competitive prices . FastCell considers crucial customer satisfaction , therefore líazienda bother to carefully select the best ICT products and manufacturers . The customer is not alone! FastCell considers it essential to always contact customers who buy to provide technical and commercial support .


With the acquisition of solid partner we can count on a warehouse with excellent availability of products sold. The brand is essential ! And we have the best in store ! Continuous monitoring of the port warehouse was there to provide information of a precise availability of 99% ( immediate availability ) . In addition to the partner for spare parts we have partnership agreements with major national carriers allow us to ensure rapid delivery, in less than 24 hours in the main Italian cities .

FastCell is not just an e - commerce but also a dissemination site to better understand the new technologies and find first-hand techniques . The seriousness and professionalism that we are fully available to all those who have an e - commerce want an occasion to save money without sacrificing quality .


This is the WORK we do every day . As you use our service center the same tools and the same parts that we sell . For this we know them well , and we know this work well , that is not invented , we do with passion gaining experience .